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Russian company manufactures foam packaging factory universal containers Varmbox of expanded polystyrene, which is used for packaging, transportation and storage of different types of products, it is the packaging, which is stored inside the specified temperature for a specified time. containers have a useful volume of 45 liters. Dimensions Length 600 mm, width 400 mm, height 300 mm, wall thickness of 30 millimeters, products made on the modern molding equipment, passes control products have all the necessary documents.

Our address production, Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg, street Artinsky house 22, building 3,

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Due to the physical properties of the material from which is made a universal container WARMBOX, inside the container temperature and humidity is kept constant over time, regardless of the environmental conditions to 10 hours without coolant, Varmbox container does not change its shape and size when filling products and Transport and storage products, is able to withstand external mechanical influences, as well as climate, heat, cold in the range from minus 60 degrees Celsius to plus 60 degrees Celsius.

Warmbox- tests 

On the lid of the container can accommodate any business logo to order, placing the information on the container lid will perform an advertising function, the first to bring to the consumer information on products and handling rules, promotional marking on consumer packaging affects consumer demand.

The economic benefits from the use of Varmbox universal container is to increase shelf life and product sales, reducing scrap rates, damage to the product during transport and storage, reducing transportation and storage costs associated with the use of costly refrigeration, you will be able to transport the products in conventional freight cars, not in refrigerated trucks, delivery of hot meals does not require special heating device, the container performs a thermos function, expanding the geography of deliveries of fresh fish, meat, poultry, seafood, efficient warehousing and transportation, ease of loading and unloading products, optimum filling at startup even when using boxes of different capacity, multiple use, placement of your company logo on the lid of the container, for more convenient carrying container we have a bag of solid fabric, the same are available for these cartons containers.

We offer you the opportunity to discuss the application of universal containers in your plant, ready to produce your order container «WARMBOX» any modifications are willing to provide free samples of the experimental containers, in order to help you evaluate the quality of our products.

Our address production, Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg, street Artinsky house 22, building 3,


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